Why It Sucks To Be Raised By People With Addictions

A piece on what we pick up when our parents suffer from addiction (and how we begin to recover). I am the child of alcoholics and addicts. BFD, right? You are, too, huh? Great. We should hang out. I learned fairly young what alcoholism was, and that it was bad to be an alcoholic. Exactly why it was bad was never discussed. Read More

 April 20, 2015     Addiction | Behavior | Drugs & Alcohol | Food | Self-love | Self-sabotage
The Best Diet to Lose Weight

I’ll cut right to the chase: The best diet to lose weight involves never dieting again. I get interviewed for books and podcasts, in part because I appear to an exception to what’s being increasingly accepted as a rule: The more desperate we are to lose weight, the more weight we gain. When I was 300+-pounds, I was desperate to weigh less. Read More

 April 9, 2015     Addiction | Behavior | Dieting | Food | Self-love | Self-sabotage
Weight Is Not The Problem And Diets Are Not The Solution

If our weight was the problem, diets would fix us. More significant are the problems that weight loss obsession may keep us from addressing. Almost every woman we see in the media is as thin as a rail, glammed to the nines, and smiling. Almost every food we’re sold by the media is loaded with fat, sugar, and salt – the unholy trinity Read More

 April 5, 2015     Addiction | Behavior | Depression | Food | Myth-busting | Self-love | Self-sabotage
Are You Sabotaging Your Authentic Self? Here’s How to Stop

One simple tip to get a grip on self-sabotage and start living in line with what you want most. We’re alive, and most of us want to stay that way. Underneath all the inner noise we experience every day — including the preferences and prejudices that shape our experiences — most of us just want to live as comfortably as possible, Read More

 April 2, 2015     Behavior | Motivation | Pleasure Principles | Self-sabotage
Indiana to See If Shame is an Effective Tool for Weight Loss

Indiana is offering shame as a weight loss tool for state employees who apparently need to hate their bodies more in order to take better care of them. (I’m reporting someone else’s story here, a launch from the norm on StrongCoffey.com. Much gratitude to Jessica for sharing her experience.) On Wednesday, overweight and obese Indiana state employees arrived at work to find an all-too-familiar invitation Read More

 March 19, 2015     Addiction | Behavior | Exercise | Self-love | Self-sabotage
Why Some Accountability Groups Fuel Self-Sabotage

Accountability groups – online and IRL – are supposed to help us make positive change. Here’s why so many end up fueling our self-sabotage, and doing us more harm than good. Do you belong to any accountability-type groups or online ‘wellness’ communities? Lots of us join Facebook groups and other kinds of communities because we want support around developing healthier habits. Unfortunately, that’s Read More

 March 10, 2015     Motivation | Myth-busting | Pleasure Principles | Self-sabotage
Is This A Body Positive Blog or Are You Just Selling Thin?

Wherein I explain why I use my before-and-after photo to a body-positive / self-love activist who, understandably, wants to smack me in the face. (Strong Coffey is a body-positive blog, I assure you.) Dear Coffey: I’m a proud, fat, body-positivity advocate, and I’m having a really hard time deciding if I love you or hate you. On the one hand Read More

 March 7, 2015     Behavior | Self-love
The Three Eaters: Why Weight Loss Diets Are NOT For Everyone

Moderation in all things is a lovely concept, but when it comes to weight loss diets, portion-control alone works long-term for only a fraction of folks that want to lose weight. For most of us, finding sustainable, healthy approaches to weight loss is a little more…personal.     If you’re a wellness professional, especially if you ever engage people in a conversation Read More

 March 3, 2015     Addiction | Behavior | Depression | Food | Nutrition | Portion Control | Video
Why Long Term Goals Can Do More Harm Than Good

Q: Helpful or not helpful – To envision the thin / healthier self you hope to become / become again? You know, like when people tell you to make visionboards or dreamboards of your long term goals? Do they really work?   A: In a word – Unhelpful. Envisioning a future goal puts our focus on the future, and what Read More

 February 16, 2015     Behavior | Self-love | Video
Tell Me Why I Cannot Stop Eating Junk Food

Dear Coffey: I’m completely hooked on Monkey Brains, and for me that means rich, decadent food. My mother, who ate like I do, needed double bypass heart surgery at age 50, just three years older than I am now. Why am I doing this to myself? Why am I so attached to Monkey Brains that I am willing to die to eat Read More

 February 12, 2015     Addiction | Food
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