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To make serious change, you need serious tools – like knowledge and support from a personal trainer who’s maintained a 150 pound weight loss for over a decade, built an exercise habit from nothing, and cracked the code on how to make positive, sustainable change against all odds.


we all have a "before"

Mine Was Over 300 Pounds

I started dieting at the age of 5. By 18, I’d “dieted” my way to morbid obesity, pain, and a chronic sense that nothing I did to try to change would matter.


Skinny ≠ Healthy or Happy

My Turning Point

I lost 150 pounds only to discover that thin did not equal happy or healthy. I still wrestled with the same self-harming thoughts and behaviors. Before long, I started to gain my weight back – again. I hit bottom, and saw clearly that my weight was not the problem. My problem was self-sabotage.


Healthy, Comfortable, and Sane

Still A Work In Progress

Armed with the truth and the proper tools, I naturally arrived at the comfortable, healthy weight that I’ve maintained for over a decade. I’ve helped thousands of women like me address the root cause of self-harm and self-sabotage so they, too, can live comfortably and authentically in bodies and lives they love. Together, we support each other’s process, celebrate each other’s progress, and demonstrate that anyone can make huge, positive, lasting change (Including you!)

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